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Energy Solutions

Zero cost Energy Program

We offer innovative solutions to control electric, water, and gas expenditures making commercial and multi-family buildings greener and easier to operate. With a zero cost program, we partner with you to save money and increase property value while helping the environment. Contact us to find out if your property qualifies for this amazing opportunity

CUSTOMIZED solutions

In the last five years, we have partnered with many companies, implementing new technologies that can reduce energy costs by more than 40% over conventional technologies with the use of advanced IoT & AI controls.

Our Engineers will create an optimal solution package that is Certified by internationally recognized measurement and verification protocols.

our vision

MichroTech Inc. services Commercial Properties all across the United States. Our Engineering Department operates in conjunction with our highly qualified Electrical Contractors, HVACR Technicians, Solar Experts, Architects and Lighting Designers (to name a few) whose focus is to pay attention to painstaking details for maximum effectiveness.

MichroTech has a core philosophy of providing exceptional service and quality on every project, making us a leader in the industry.

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