What Are HOA Energy Rewards?

HOA Energy
Rewards Program

MichroTech employs our “Get Paid To Save” financial model by utilizing innovative solutions via the world’s most advanced technologies, resources and proven energy management tools. We control utility expenditures. making multi-family communities and buildings greener and easier to operate. With our no capital outlay program, we partner with the HOA to save money, optimize equipment and increase property value while helping the environment not only at zero cost but also with prepaid savings to the HOA.

Your Savings Delivered In Advance!

Get Paid To Save! We actually give your organization a special MichroTech Energy Efficiency Rebate Check, even before we begin your project.Prepaid savings could provide  much needed capital back to the HOA for additional improvements..

Custom Energy Displays

“An effective monitoring System is typically the most important element of any energy management program and will deliver the fastest payback”- Siemens. The first step to any energy management project is to install real-time energy monitoring equipment that can truly reveal your consumption. Next steps will involve implementing any relevant behavior and operational changes prior to retrofitting or upgrading inefficient components.

Equipment Upgrades

From LED Lighting and HVAC equipment, to Solar Arrays and electrical monitoring systems with alerts  for preemptive action. Advanced Reporting and Analysis for maximum efficiency, transparency and savings.

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