Why Sea Turtle Friendly Lighting?

Why Sea Turtle Friendly Lighting?

MichroTech Inc. is located in Boca Raton, FL just a short 10 minute drive from the beautiful beaches that state of South Florida has to offer. It is also home to a wide variety of beautiful and exotic wildlife. One animal, in particular, is the Sea Turtle. During the months of May through October, Sea Turtles create thousands of nests along the coastline of Florida. Hatchlings have a natural inborn tendency to crawl towards the brightest/whitest light possible. On a naturally lit beach, this is usually the moonlight reflected on the ocean’s surface, but in many cases, they can become disoriented and begin to move towards artificial light located on condos, hotels and other buildings along the coast.

How can I tell If My Lighting Is Compliant?

Properties having lighting  visible from the beach should be contacted immediately to alter their lighting or turn it off all together In order to avoid disrupting it’s natural flow. Those who do not follow the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission orders can begin receiving fines that can add ups to thousands of dollars. More importantly, is  disruption of the natural migrational flow of wildlife endangering the population as a whole.

In many cases, lights cannot be turned off because properties simply need lighting for liability purposes. Fortunately, many different forms of lighting exist today that are certified by the Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC). These specialty lighting fixtures have optics and specialty shades that keep lights from shining light on the shoreline and are referred to as Sea Turtle Friendly Lighting.

FWC Certified Lighting Fixtures

These new LED lights made by FWC certified manufactures emit amber light that cannot be picked up by the Sea Turtles’ senses. This allows for Baby Sea Turtle hatchlings to find their way back to the ocean while buildings, streets and other areas nearby can remain properly lit. Sea Turtle friendly lights are actually not much different than other LED lights, excluding the amber color. There are actually quite a few  additional benefits available.

More Savings Than Anticipated

Massive energy savings can be gained by switching to a Sea Turtle Friendly LED lighting system. All of our lighting systems consume less than half the power of their traditional counterparts. Another benefit is due to the low light output and amber color.  These fixtures can outlast traditional lighting fixtures by thousands of hours. They even outlast many standard LED lighting systems. Once these units are installed, odds are you won’t be replacing them for many years to come.

Need some Help?

Eliminate your exterior lighting maintenance entirely, save a boatload of money on your lighting energy expenses and protect the environment… all at the same time. 

Not sure if your lighting is FWC Compliant? Contact Michrotech at 1-855-892-0292 Today, and an expert can help in regulating your seaside property and make the lighting Sea Turtle Friendly.


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