Industries Served

Property & Facilities Managers

MichroTech’s intuitive software monitors monthly usage per tenant and generates reports automatically. Tenant charges can then be based on extremely accurate readings of energy usage rather than simply estimating according to square footage. Template reports populate automatically and can be customized with the facility owners’ branding, etc. If the building lacks a BMS (Building Management System),  our software allows you to remotely control and optimize operations.

Sports Complexes

Stadiums and arenas are essential components in the fabric of sports and they serve a significant role in communities across America. At the same time, many communities, organizations and
sectors of the economy are prioritizing the need to reduce utility consumption. By bringing together expectations for energy and water efficiency goals with the powerful influence of sports, American communities can achieve significant savings while also inspiring an enormous number of fans to take action in their homes. 

Restaurant Groups

Reducing energy costs by $2,000 for a restaurant with a 4% profit margin equates to $50,000 in sales. MichroTech helps restaurants identify waste and reduce costs with energy management and efficiency solutions with a guaranteed ROI.

Public/Private Schools

Energy efficiency and sustainability programs in school districts can have a significant positive impact on budgets and funding. Leverage energy savings into funds to improve the energy infrastructure of your district’s facilities.

Hospitals & Clinics

Business activity is often correlated with energy consumption. For example, hospitals that have more full-time equivalent (FTE) workers per square foot, more staffed beds per square foot, and/or experience more cooling degree days (CDD) use more energy, on average. Similar trends can be seen for other indicators of business activity, such as number of MRI machines. Regardless of the facility occupancy levels, they are typically required to maintain full light levels and temperatures.

Casinos & Race Tracks

We all know very well that the key success factor for these establishments is product differentiation. The combination of air conditioning, illumination, and ventilation produces comfort. That’s the prime reason why all casinos need an uninterrupted supply of electricity. That’s probably the reason why a five-minute blackout can cost the business a fortune. Studies have in the past demonstrated that a typical gaming establishment expends over five to six times as much energy per square foot as a large medical facility

Hotels & Resorts

Hotels & Resorts are a critical part of the travel, tourism and hospitality industry within the United States and the rest of the world. These buildings not only provide a place for travelers to rest their weary heads, but also use a significant amount of utilities. With guest comfort at the forefront of any hotel’s design, the industry has the pressure to tackle the growing costs of energy.

Grocery & Convenience Stores

The cost for food retailers to operate refrigerator cases can be significant. Reducing the energy consumed by these units provides an opportunity to realize substantial savings, which can then be reinvested elsewhere in the company.

Industrial Manufacturers

 About one-third of the energy used in the United States goes to industry. That’s not so surprising when you consider everything that falls under this economic sector. Every product we rely on from aluminum cans to fertilizer to glass to paper products takes energy to produce. The use of energy in industry affects every single citizen personally through the cost of goods and services, the quality of manufactured products, the strength of the economy, and the availability of jobs. Our systems allow you to analyze and understand your energy consumption across an unlimited number of sites, then act to reduce it with behavior modification and highly effective, proven motor control technologies.

Retail Centers & Stores

Retail Centers and Stores need to keep up-to-date with technology in order to better serve their customers. The changing demands of the general public favor environmentally friendly businesses. The easiest way your store can assist the environment is through energy  efficiency. Our Utility Management Program brings the triple benefit of raising your profile in the community, cutting your costs and saving the planet, all at zero capital outlay. Both the environmental and financial aspects of energy efficiency are vitally important and easily mismanaged if not planned properly. Let us help your business go green today!

And Many More!

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