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HOA Energy Rewards Program

Most Homeowners Associations Qualify!

Your Savings Delivered In Advance!

MichroTech offers innovative solutions to control electric, water, and gas expenditures making commercial and multi-family buildings greener and easier to operate. With a zero cost program that also pays you in advance, we partner with you to save money and increase property value while helping the environment.

Custom Energy Displays

We use customizable public dashboards to help you display your commitment to being green and help with occupant consumption awareness. Functionality includes league tables demonstrating savings in relatable terms (eg. numbers of trees planted) and leaderboards displaying your best performing locations, buildings and/or sections.

Equipment Upgrades

We utilize International Performance Protocols to define and quantify the results of energy efficiency investments in electric, water and gas efficiency projects. Once we identify opportunities to eliminate areas of waste and enhance operational inefficiency, we engineer a system of energy conservation measures that generate long term savings while extending equipment life. All at No Cost!

Simple 4 Step Process


Upload Building Utility Bills & Blueprint Documents To The Upload Page.


Our Technical Team Will Audit The Energy Profile To Identify Savings Opportunities.


We Will Develop A Detailed Proposal That Shows You All Of The Benefits.

Get Approved

Your Savings Delivered UpFront In Cash Before The Project Even Begins.

Download The Program Flyer!

Our SMARRT Methods

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