Don't Let Today's Cash Flow Stop You From Saving Tomorrow!

LED lighting upgrades are an instant way to increase your property value, boost your building’s efficiency, and save on energy costs.(Our customers have saved as much as 95% on the lighting portion of their energy bill!) That’s why LEDs account for 90% of new lighting installations. Savvy property managers can see that the huge payback of LEDs far outweighs the upfront cost. Even so, if you’re up against budget constraints (and who isn’t?), it can be tough to find room in the budget for the initial investment. Fortunately, several financing options are available to cover the cost of your lighting upgrade project so you can actually have a portion of your electric bill bear the entire cost.

The Financing Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of a lighting retrofit is that you’ll see the savings right away on your utility bill. Many customers opt to use their monthly utility savings to pay for the cost of their lighting project. That means you can pay for your new LED’s without dipping into your piggy bank. In other words, you’re paying yourself to save money. MichroTech offers several financing options with no money out of pocket ever. It’s a great way to preserve current cash flows. Whichever route you choose, your vendor should be able to show you all the factors involved in the initial proposal — including installation costs, recycling, rebates, projected savings, and financing.

Additional Benefits

Conserve Working Capital

Terms From 1 – 5 Years

100% Current Year Tax Deduction per IRS Section 179D

Eliminate Maintenance Costs

Increase Green Image & Property Value

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