A Guide to Energy Savings: Knowing is half the battle

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A Complete System

Professional Real-time Energy Monitoring all wrapped up in one package.

Real Time Monitoring

Eniscope Real-time does what a utility bill can’t… it shows you exactly where your energy is going,

Energy Analytics

Eniscope Analytics is a web-based, energy diagnostics tool that gives you rich insights into your ‘historical’ energy consumption and the health of your power supply.

Public Displays

These displays can be strategically positioned around your building to create awareness among the occupants as to how energy is being used


Don’t take my word for it. Read the first few pages and see how this will change your life

"I like to make things easy"

” The first objection when you sit down with anyone is ‘ I dont have the money to pay for these installations’, so the key to our business is to take the money decision out of the equation of selling. We produced a model whereby the energy savings would pay for the installations, but we also went a step further. We also recommend and provide a multitude of different energy saving technologies based on data, verified by the Eniscope. From sensors and monitors to HVAC and Intelligent motor control devices. We are actually providing solutions that will allow us to provide returns in less than 2 years! ” 

Michael Orkin

VP, Michrotech Inc 

Our Clients say

“In 2013 we were introduced to the Eniscope System. It gave us the opportunity to monitor our energy consumption in a whole different way. I’ve never seen a system like that, even though I’ve had a lot of meetings with a lot of providers.”

Jordan Lindermann

Head Of Construction & Real Estate
Reitan Convenience Denmark​

“We would absolutely recommend the Eniscope product to other companies. Vesta property services will continue to implement the products across the facilities we manage so that we can pass on the reductions to our residents”

Lisa Manzione

Vice President 
Vesta Facilities Management


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