Building Occupant Behavioral Effects

Building Occupant
Behavioral Effects

Buildings consume a large amount of energy, estimated at about one-third of total primary energy resources. Studies show that building user behavior can significantly increase the efficiency of the energy used in the building if targets are identified and displayed correctly. The impact of user behavior is difficult to quantify for methodological reasons. Factors influencing human behavior are numerous and varied. Multi-disciplinary approaches are needed to provide new insights into the inner dynamic nature of occupant’s energy behavior. 

Our Energy Management Systems can power a range of stunning Real-time Energy Displays. These displays can be strategically  positioned around your building to create awareness among the  occupants as to how energy is being used and provide the incentive to change their behavior since the benefits can be seen in real-time. Displays can include features like league tables, which promote competition between staff members or between sites in a multi-site estate.

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