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Over the last 5 years at MichroTech, our team has had the privilege of saving many commercial building owners and large scale tenants a tremendous amount of unnecessary utility costs! In addition to greatly improving their bottom line profitability, they now have enhanced security, increased operational efficiency and are more attractive to prospective patrons and tenants. 

Our team of surveyors assess your property’s operational profile with a view toward minimizing energy wastage while optimizing asset visibility and efficiency.

Once the survey is completed, our engineering team develops a custom tailored strategy based on evaluation of data via International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocols. This allows us to determine future savings by comparing measured  consumption or demand before and after implementation of our program, making suitable adjustments for changes in conditions.

Good practice requires that M&V is well integrated into the process of identifying, developing, procuring, installing and operating energy  conservation measures. We enable you to envision your new upgraded systems by showing you projections of the outcome BEFORE you commit.

We assign a team of industry professionals to deploy, monitor, and consistently optimize all systems to ensure long term sustainability and reliability for maximum benefits.

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